Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V is for Vaisakhi!

Vaisakhi is an ancient harvest festival celebrated across the northern Indian subcontinent, especially in the Punjab region by the Sikh nation as this day commemorates the establishment of the Khalsa (Sikhism).Vaisakhi is a major event. It is a religious as well as harvest festival and New Year Day also. Sikhs usually celebrate the day on the 13th/14th of April by going to the temple and taking part in Nagar Kirtan which is processions through the streets (nagar meaning town, Kirtan meaning hymns) which forms an important part of Sikh culture and religious celebrations.The processions are led by traditionally dressed Panj Piaras (Beloved Five), who are baptized on that day.

Bhangra dancers celebrating the harvest festival!


  1. :O < Thats the face I made when I saw this love it! Did you draw both of them?

  2. yeh Sanj of course i did! would be cheating otherwise! Top picture I drew recently but the bottom drawing i did last year of uni using watercolours :)