Friday, 20 April 2012

R is for Rock 'n' Roll baby!

I love a bit of rock 'n' roll now and again. This piece of design isn't really a doodle but a project that I did at university when studying Graphic Design. We had to visualize a graphic designers quote and I chose David Carson's quote (who I was very much inspired by) 'Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does'. His use of typography and design was very rock n roll in the sense that he broke a lot of rules therefore his designs had a lot of attitude and edge to it! So when i thought of rock 'n' roll, the King of Rock came in my mind so I bought the iconic wig and glasses and took a photo of myself!


  1. That's awesome cool how you kept your artwork wish I still had all mine, now next time I see you I will imagine that wig on your head ;)

  2. That is amazing! Love the quote and the quiff. xxx