Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Grandma!

My dearest grandma! She must be in her mid 80s but i don't think shes that sure how old she is herself. Such a loving and affectionate woman who has been suffering from schizophrenia since her 40s! But to me she is no different to any other grandma out there as that's how I have seen her my whole life. Shes lived in her own bubble for half of her life, thinking that we are all going to move to India anytime soon and live there forever, also thinks that i'm married with kids, when I correct her she just laughs!


  1. ah bless, I miss my grandma, it's been years since she passed away though. They bring such beautiful memories into our lives. Cherish them! x

  2. YAY I miss my grandmothers too

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    ps you still have word verification on. Makes people not want to comment.

    1. heyy thxs for reminding me, ive taken the word verification off wooo!

  3. Amazing... My favourite one yet :)

  4. nice post - am visiting on my haphazard trawl through the ApZ challenge list

  5. That's quite sad but it's good that you love her so very much. Grandma's are very special.
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