Monday, 23 April 2012

T is for Typewriter!

Remember these badboys! This is what people used to use to type letters, documents and so on before computers and laptops, oh how things have changed! I remember when my dad bought a second hand typewriter, it was so heavy and big! But I was so excited to be able to type 'once upon a time' stories that I was ready to 'publish' my own book. I'm sure I've still got the front cover of the book that i drew, in my folder somewhere, it was about a talking doll..sounds familiar? I loved the sound it made when typing and when you push the carriage return lever that made a ding sound! Also still like the authentic typeface that it created, could do with a typewriter now actually!


  1. Epic, I remember how beastly they used to look like each button took ALL YOUR STRENGTH to push! Also reminds me of this

    1. lol just watched that video, you made me play a imaginary piano to that theme, and my workmates were like what is she doing haha