Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunny Sunday!

Baldeep with the picture she drew of me!

Baldeep's portrait of me!

Its a sunny Sunday, and i spent it with family friends, relaxing in the garden, on the hammock..but then my family friends 10-year-old daughter wanted to draw, so we drew flowers at first then she decided to draw me, whilst asking funny questions like 'how old are you?''25'...which she replies to 'huhh you should be married with kids! :0 lol and then her younger sister who is 5, kept looking at my stomach and asking if i was having a baby! lol got to love them though! Was a bit worn out afterwards with the questioning of why is that there and whats that doing there and how long have you had that? But i like her funny drawing and she also wrote that i like all things quirky, so i thought this is going on my blog! Not sure about the barbie girl on my t-shirt though :S


Its been a while since I last updated my blog, so I thought i'll post a portrait of my cousin which I designed in Illustrator. Its an A2 poster for her 21st bday which is on the 29th of May but the lucky sod has gone to New York so she will get it after she comes back! I hope she likes it...well she better do! :)