Wednesday, 18 January 2012


This is my portrait of that woman..we had to make up a biography of the person we were drawing so I called her Vera who was a actress/ singer in the 60s and was very prim and proper! My drawing looks more like Henry VIII, I have added a few pounds on her! :S Later on our tutor showed us a group photograph in which all these portraits were in and they were not famous at all..they were people related to his mother and grandmother who were also in the photgraph which was taken in the 1940s!

My second week of drawing

Once again we had to draw a portrait of a person from a black and white photograph but we had to draw the photo upside down :S I have never drawn upside down before so it was bit strange at first. We drew square by square using a grid and the idea was not to see it is as drawing a person but draw what you see upside down.

Portrait Drawing

I have recently joined a painting and drawing class, at last! And I found the classroom and didn't get lost like I did before! I enjoy painting and drawing, I find it very relaxing and love being creative freely. I didnt have enough motivation or made time at home so I thought I need to get out and motivate myself by joining
the classes.

In my first week, I had to draw a potrait of a man from a black and white photograph, we had no idea who the photos were of but our tutor did. To me, he looks like a scientist, we had to draw a grid of 6 squares over the photo and copy and draw on a3 paper square by square, using a pencil...and heres the result!