Saturday, 14 April 2012

L is for Laura and Lucy!

OK I've been a bit naughty and didn't blog the letter L yesterday as it was all go-go-go for me and i just didn't get the time :s but at least i have done it! I was talking about my blog at work and i asked what shall i doodle for L? Then my workmate was like..'hellooo us two' then i was like oh yeh Laura and Lucy! My pals from work, Laura is on the left who is a features writer for Reflect and Aspire magazine ( also loves the colour yellow, Supernatural and Winnie the Pooh) and Lucy is on the right, a graphic designer for our sister company, Aspire ( who loves the colour pink, athletics and apple juice!)


  1. YAY, we're famous!! lol. LOVE IT Mandeep :) xx

  2. These are awesome! Good likeness too. Although I do think you should have drawn Lucy with bananas coming out of her head like on Laura's photo. x

    1. haha that probably would have been better!xx