Saturday, 27 April 2013

W is for Waterfall

In summer 2004, when I was 17, me and my family visited my mum's brother in Toronto, Canada. I had a amazing time, my family are lovely over there, I liked how spacious the houses and roads were and how clean it was. Got to see some amazing attractions like the CN Tower, Wonderland theme park and Niagara Falls! I knew the falls would be big, but not that big! It was such a eventful day what with the tourist shops and restaurants nearby and people from all walks of life coming together to see this wonder of a giant, perfectly curved-shaped powerful waterfall.


  1. Your pics are awesome! Waterfalls are beautiful, I've never seen anything quite like that though. Niagara falls is definitely on my bucket list!

  2. Yes you must go! It was amazing, I feel like I didn't captured how huge and extraordinary the waterfall was, didn't have a digital camera back then!