Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Undertaker

My childhood days involved playing out with my neighbour, playing games, watching cartoons, colouring away, playing footie n tennis with bro and watching wrestling with bro and dad.

I remember the outrageous outfits and long curly hair with funny looking face paint and masks and what did the women wear! Not much! I also remember I was disappointed when I found out it was all fake and that they weren't really getting hurt..whaaat!

My fav wrestlers were Brett the Hitman Hart, Shawn Michael ( loved his intro song 'sexy boooooy!') and Undertaker!! He was so scary and haunting, the music, lightning effects, darkness and eyes rolling back in his head, it all added to the suspense!


  1. Can't say I really paid much attention to any other wrestler than Hulk Hogan :)

  2. Hi Mandy, I wasn't really into wresting either. I have heard of he undertaker though. I like your little figure :)

    1. thanks Rowena, this figure was my brothers when he was younger he used to collect wresting figures and make out like they were fighting each other with some good sound effects! This is the only one that we've got left, Its mine now :)

  3. Hahaha! I used to watch it with my bro then we would try and recreate the moves. He's three years older so of course I was always the one that got hurt. Apparently The Undertaker is a sheep farmer now. I like to think he rounds up the flock by clothes lining them all. x