Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for Stephen Amell AKA Sexy Boy! ;)

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor, who currently stars as the vigilante Oliver Queen/Arrow on the CW network TV series Arrow. I like to watch Arrow just so I can watch him do push-ups or pull-ups, he is hot, just look at that body!! Oh I sound like a right perv but the storyline is also good..

Fellow blogger, Laura Hyde has a poster of him on the wall at work, right next to her but I can see him so its all good! Whenever I need a eye rest from the PC, I can just admire his face and body :)

Here he is next to Jensen Ackles, another hot American actor who stars as Dean Winchester
on the CW series Supernatural.

Who is your favourite actor and why?


  1. Both these sexy men pale in comparison to my current celebrity crush - Dan Feuerriegel aka Agron from Spartacus!! I think I need to find a poster of him and add him to our collection ;)

    1. oooo I just googled him and we definitely need to add him to our hottie collection ;)

  2. He looks very hot! Not seen him before or Arrow. How do you concentrate at work? My fabourite actor..hmmm I'm not sure, I watched the ER series last year and finally understood all the fuss about George clooney! I quite like a bit of Clive Owen too, his voice is very sexy. Yummy! :)