Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February's watercolour painting of gran!

This months theme is my gran aka Mama! And wrinkles! Just before Christmas my gran had dislocated her shoulder, so on Christmas Eve, me and my family went to visit her at the hospital, getting to the ward felt like we were in some maze, walking up the stairs then down, left, right, left, up, down, found it! Anyway, she was laughing away and not really making any sense, she refuses to wear fake teeth so she does mumble, she also suffers from schizophrenia so sometimes the mumbling has no reference of today or what's going on around her and really doesn't make any sense, but she thought I was my sister and my sister was me, and that my bro was my dad, she is in her 80's and blind in one eye, don't know if that explains it. She also thought that the doctor wanted to kiss her and then couldn't stop laughing until she was red in the face and...farted! 

I know she's very wrinkly, old age and all that, but that day it really stood out, all these deep lines covering her face, arms and hands. It did amaze me that one day if i get to that age my 'smooth' skin will turn like this, no control over it (unless you have botox). I took a photo of my gran and wanted to capture the lines on her face by doodling and then painting, letting the watercolours drip down the wrinkles, I also took a photo of my hand holding hers, its like a before and after many many years shot! One day I might end up like that so I have to make the most of my skin now..skinny dipping!!! I actually cant swim so that's not going to work haha

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