Tuesday, 29 October 2013

60 Minute Makeover.....

Yeh right! ( Loved that show though!) More like 60 hours of painting the walls, ceiling, skirting boards and bedroom door in the summer holidays, sweating like a pig and 
thinking what am I doing! But it was all worth it!

My bedroom looked outdated, last time it was decorated was 10 years ago and it still now looked like a girls room, I don't know what we were thinking with the salmon coloured walls and similar carpet eurggh but tastes change and I was young, now I wanted to change it to a fresh modern young woman's room with a touch of floral and lovely bright colours.
The top picture is how my bedroom used to look like, with my collection of teddy bears
and the bottom right is how my bedroom looks like now! 

I wanted to go for the subtle white look so I could add colours through photos and decoration and so it didn't clash. So I bought paint from B&Q, white with a hint of lilac. I bought new brown carpet, love that new fresh carpet feeling. First I painted my room using roller, paintbrushes and masking tape then got the carpet changed. Its amazing how much difference a colour and the layout of your room can make and my room is now airy and looks spacious.

The top painting is a Claude Monet poster that I had bought in my university years, I recently framed  it to hang on the wall (white frames are from Dunelm Mill) and the bottom three are my Instagram photos that I have taken, of Islands in Greece and the Eiffel Tower which is also framed and hung on my wall. 

Why not print some of your beautiful Instagram pictures and show them off instead of hanging generic pictures that you can't really relate to?

Lastly but not least I bought myself a new headboard to finish off the look I wanted to go for! Took me a while to find the right one and with a reasonable price I bought a ivory metal headboard from Cut Price Suites & Beds and added colourful bunting bought from a gift shop called Evolution. I might add some more colourful pillows so that it goes well with the bunting.  

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