Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Island Hopping to Parga and Paxos in Greece!

We went on a boat cruise and stopped at two islands, Parga and Paxos. 
It was lovely to relax on the boat and take in the views

We passed a cave, amazing views, I'm sure there's a name for it and
I must find out and there is Parga Island!

 Parga and the surrounding areas have many restaurants and seaside taverns serving fresh fish,unique local recipes and tourist shops. The character of the city is lively and modern but also with intense elements of the past with beautiful scenery of hills of houses, so colourful and pretty. I love this photo and want to enlarge it for my bedroom wall!

Traditional houses in Parga

There was a sandy beach close by so we dipped our toes in the hot sand and relaxed!

Here's me trying to tan my pale legs! 
They are slightly tanned but not much, ended up with mosquito bites instead!

We had two hours to do what we want in Parga and then 
we all had to hop on the boat and hop off again at Paxos Island

At this point we were quite tired from the heat so we just sat on the rocks and dipped our feet in the water.