Thursday, 6 June 2013

Magazine Designs of the Samosa Recipe!

These are the designs of the samosa recipe in the lifestyle magazines, Reflect which I work for and our sister company Aspire Magazine which was designed by Aspire's Magazine designer Lucy Crookston. Its amazing how different our styles are and I love how Lucy has used bright bold colours plus the decorative patterns!

This is my design ( Reflect Magazine)

This is fellow blogger Lucy's design ( Aspire Magazine)


  1. I love how different our designs are!Going to miss comparing spreads :( you will have to send me recipes just so I can design it anyway for the banter :p

    We are awesome :D


    1. Aww I will miss it too! :( haha I will do, add it in the new magz ;) lol awesooooooooooooome!

  2. I love the layouts on both these spreads and all the backgrounds. That's why I love design, the same thing done by two different designers looks totally different x